Very excited to have joined a host of fantastic Aussie authors at InCONceivable, the new online con. A virtual convention where you can shop all your favourite local artists and pop culture merchandise without leaving your home? ….As you wish!

I joined guests Alan Baxter, A.K. Wilder, Traci Harding, Aiki Flinthart, Candice Michelle Goodwin, K.E Fraser, Juliet Marillier, Matt J. Pike and Kylie Chan as we recalled some of our more inconceivable Australian critter experiences. My story’s below…


Later, I got to hang with host Alan Baxter, and my good buddies Robert Hood and Aaron Dries to shoot the proverbial about Aussie horror. As it was pitched by the con: “The Aussie Author Horror Show panel features some of the biggest horror fiction talents in Australia discussing their work. It’s nice guys talking about very bad things!”

Cute. But truly, it was great to get to hang with this lot, deep in the disconsolate bowels of the pandemic.